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Year 8 Geography

Whilst studying Geography, students will develop their map skills, and complete focus studies on Middle Eastern countries - including physical and human geography.

During the modules pupils will develop their location knowledge; with a particular focus on the countries of the Middle East, Russia, China and Brazil. Pupils will identify the physical features found within the Middle East, and develop their knowledge of impressive human features within this part of the world. Pupils will then go on to look into population growth and decline through Russia and China and the reasons for this. Pupils will continue to work on map skills and reading atlases correctly and confidently. The will also develop confidence in reading different map styles and different lines on maps for example the equator, various time zones, the tropic of cancer and Capricorn . Pupils will analyse a variety of case – studies to write in detail about the Rive Ganges. This will help prepare pupils should they wish to continue to study Geography at a higher level. Pupils will begin to look into population growth and decline through Russia and China, and the reasons for this. Finally the children will look at the Nepal Earthquake Case-study and discuss its impact on humans.