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Year 8 French


French in Year 8 focuses on securing the pupils’ understanding of the key French grammatical concepts covered in Year 7; they will then build upon this with the introduction of more complex structures including the past tense. Grammar will be taught in the context of holidays, extensive grammar will be taught and pupils will be encouraged to provide justified opinions, which is a key element of the new GCSE. They will be encouraged to develop their speaking skills with a focus on spontaneous speak with a photo card to provide them with their first experience of a GCSE-style speaking task.

There will be an emphasis on the use of games and interactive activities in order to raise their confidence and help them acquire both the skills and vocabulary to meet their milestones. They will create a promotional video for a Francophone city/country. In doing this they will need to work as a group to research the city/country of their choice and produce a French script and film their videos.


The Spring Term sees our Year 8 pupils explore French language through the topic of film, TV and music. This module will expose them to modern French music, TV and film. They will have the opportunity to watch popular French TV shows and listen to popular music. They will be encouraged to compare these with the TV shows and music charts in the UK. Linguistically, the pupils will focus on techniques for reading and listening tasks, while still focussing on developing their oral work, using the new GCSE as a framework for assessment.


During the Summer Term the pupils will consolidate their tense work by compiling a French CV, discuss their opinion of cinema and explore a selection of French films.