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Year 8 Design and Technology
& Food and Nutrition

At KS3 the curriculum is delivered as part of the ‘Arts and Culture’ carousel. It provides pupils with the opportunity to apply and develop logic, creativity and practical skills and allows them to transfer these skills to what they learn in other subjects. Pupils experience Technology over a 10 week period, 3 single lessons per week, allowing them to tackle a variety of projects on a regular basis. The outcomes that pupils create are their’s to take home and be proud of, whether they eat or use what they have made!

Resistant Materials:

To gain knowledge and understanding of the properties of plastics, pupils carry out two focused practical tasks and make a mobile phone holder and a clock inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Pupils are introduced to a range of new machinery and hand tools and have to self-assess their progress and skills developed.


Using an approach of ‘biomimicry’ pupils design and make an electronic product inspired by nature. They are introduced to the processes of soldering and vacuum forming to create their component and packaging.

Food and Nutrition:

After carrying out research into the Chinese culture and cuisine, pupils design and make their own chinese stir fry, applying the principles of nutrition and health to their recipe and using traditional cooking techniques.