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Year 7 History

Children begin their History module looking at the development of Church, state and society in medieval Britain, the subject matter involved with this is enough for two terms. The subject matter for this topic will include: The Norman Conquest, Christendom and the importance of religion and the Crusades, the struggle between Church and Crown, Magna Carta and the emergence of Parliament, the English campaigns to conquer Wales and Scotland up to 1314, society, economy and culture: for example, feudalism, religion in daily life, farming, trade and towns, art, architecture and literature, the Black Death and its social and economic impact, the Peasants Revolt, the Hundred Years War and the War of the Roses (Henry VII and attempts to restore stability).

Towards the end of the unit, children will move on to study Native American Indians - The children will be learning about the lives and traditions of the Native American Indians of North America both prior to and after the arrival of the European Settlers, the children will also particularly focus on the Sioux tribe. This topic will address the part of the curriculum in which they have to study (in depth) a significant society from world History.