Coronavirus Update
Parkside Middle School is now closed, with notable exceptions, in line with government guidelines.

Our Guidance for Year 6 Parents on Re-Opening Parkside document can be found in our Letters to Parents page.

3rd July 2020 - The Home Learning letters for Week 123. 'Meet the Year 5 Teachers' video added for New starters for September 2020. Available on the respective links below.

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Year 7 French


During the Autumn Term children explore the topic entitled ‘Chez Moi’, where their learning is centred on themselves and their identity. Priority is given to building on previous knowledge and extending vocabulary when describing. Children become much more familiar with assessment within language study, and begin to secure their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, focusing heavily on techniques to achieve understanding. 


In French the pupils build upon the knowledge they have secured in their previous topic by moving on to pets and animals. The module focuses on introducing new vocabulary whilst still practicing all four key areas of assessment:speaking, reading, writing and listening. They focus on strengthening their grammar and understanding of adjectival agreement, verb conjugation in the present tense and possessive pronouns. A large emphasis is placed on speaking and the use of games and interactive activities in order to raise their confidence and help them acquire both the skills and vocabulary to meet their milestones. Pupils will also be introduced to authentic French literature and have the opportunity to re-create their own stories.


In the summer term the pupils will further extend their knowledge and skills by communicating about their school life, during a module entitled ‘À l'école’. The module aims to increase their vocabulary and strengthen their understanding of key grammar points e.g. using the present tense, forming opinions and using possessive pronouns. Pupils will also be introduced to the past tense to familiarise them with the tense for further use in Year 8. This module also provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to discover more about the French school system and life as a Year 7 pupil in France.