Parkside has recently received an excellent Quality Mark visit and report.
Parkside Middle School has been awarded Thrive Ambassador School status.

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Year 7 English

Autumn Term
In the Autumn Term the pupils be studying the modern novel. They will be reading the novel 'Wonder' by R.J Palacio. The story follows the life of August Pullman a young boy living with Treacher Collins Syndrome. Pupils will be analysing how Palacio uses language and structure to create a powerful and engaging story, as well as taking part in writing activities inspired by the events of the book.

In the second half of the term pupils will study the works of Charles Dickens, analysing extracts from his novels and having a go at imitating his style in their own writing. They will then focus on his book 'A Christmas Carol'during the run up to the festive period, examining how Dickens crafts the notorious character of Scrooge.

Spring Term

For the Spring Term, the pupils will be analysing the desolate world of dystopian fiction. Looking at novels and stories such as the 'Hunger Games', children will be analysing how writers use language to craft these bleak visions of the future and imitate their techniques to create their own dystopian stories.

For the second half of the Spring Term, pupils will be travelling back in time aboard the Titanic. They will use the tragic story of the ship's maiden voyage to inspire their own historical fiction and non-fiction writing. Also, pupils will look at historical accounts of the tragedy and analyse the language and structures used.

Summer Term

During the Summer Term, the first topic that pupils will focus on will be poetry. They will study a range of protest poetry and songs which focus on writers taking a political stand against something which they feel strongly about. After studying some protest poetry, they will analyse argument writing and craft a campaign for a topic that they feel passionately for.

The pupils will then begin to explore gothic literature, focussing on short stories from authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.G Wells. This is a brand new topic that will aim to develop pupils' creative writing skills as well as their critical and analytical reading skills.

Embedded within the lessons, pupils will also refine their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.

In Reading lessons, pupils will continue to use the Accelerated Reader reading program in order to develop their enthusiasm and love of reading. They will continue to read books of increasing complexity and challenge, developing their comprehension, understanding and vocabulary in the process.

The whole curriculum is under-pinned with the ethos that all teachers are teachers of literacy, and that literacy is central to success within every subject. As a result, pupils continue to develop their love of reading and they are supported by staff to ensue that they read a wide breadth of literature, for a mixture of both reading for information and reading for pleasure. In addition to this, we aim to develop confident and adept writers, who are able to write at greater depth for a range of audiences and purpose. Pupils at Parkside have great pride in their writing ability, which is promoted in every lesson.