Parkside has recently received an excellent Quality Mark visit and report.
Parkside Middle School has been awarded Thrive Ambassador School status.
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Year 7 Design and Technology
& Food and Nutrition

At KS3 the curriculum is delivered as part of the ‘Arts and Culture’ carousel. It provides pupils with the opportunity to apply and develop logic, creativity and practical skills and allows them to transfer these skills to what they learn in other subjects. Pupils experience Technology over a 10 week period, 3 single lessons per week, allowing them to tackle a variety of projects on a regular basis. The outcomes that pupils create are their’s to take home and be proud of, whether they eat or use what they have made!

Resistant Materials:

Pupils work to a specification to design and make an educational wooden toy made from plywood and get feedback from the target audience. They develop new practical skills of using a coping saw and finishing techniques to ensure a ‘quality’ outcome.


The design focus is on a ‘user-centred approach’ and pupils design and make their own planner cover using recycled denim. They learn how to use a sewing machine and have to take their test before starting to realise their design idea.

Food and Nutrition:

In small groups pupils collaborate and adapt a basic savoury mince dish to suit their personal preferences. They then cook their recipe idea and evaluate the outcome, taking families’ opinions into consideration.