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Year 6 Science


In Science, pupils will begin the year studying Biology by sorting and classifying living things. They will have a chance to explore the school grounds in order to find and classify different plants and animals too! They will then have to justify why different living things are classified into certain categories. During the second half of the term, the pupils learn about evolution and inheritance. They discover why living things change over time. Pupils will learn the meaning of selective breeding and how characteristics are passed on to offspring from their parents. They will also look at each other’s genetics to understand variation between siblings.


The Spring Term is dedicated to Biology with pupils learning about the respiratory, circulatory and digestive system. They will do a lot of role play of these systems in order to understand how each part plays a different role. Pupils will partake in a range of investigations in order to understand how these systems work together. They will also learn about what happens when we make changes to our diet and exercise. They will determine why it is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a broad balanced diet.


The Summer starts with the Physics topic of circuits in which pupils will get the chance to learn about individual components of a circuit and how they work together. They will learn about how resistance can be varied in circuits by adding and taking away electrical components.

The second topic is Physics. Pupils investigate the properties of light. They start by learning the basic principles of how light travels and the meaning of the words transparent, translucent and opaque. They will also get the chance to create their own shadow puppet show using the knowledge they acquire over the course of the topic.