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Year 6 Physical Education


In P.E. pupils will participate in a variety of team sports including; football, rugby, netball and hockey. Pupils will apply principles suitable for attacking and defending in competitive environments to outwit opponents. They will also have the opportunity to apply tactics within a game situation.


In P.E. pupils will develop their understanding of health related fitness. Pupils will engage in a number of different training methods, allowing them to understand the importance of exercise in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Pupils will also participate in basketball and hockey, where they will develop their knowledge and understanding of basic tactics and rules of these games.


In P.E. pupils will take part in a variety of summer sports including kwick cricket, athletics, tennis and rounders. This will allow them to develop a range of skills such as performing and recording which will allow them to enhance their performance. Participation in striking and fielding will focus on improving their tactical knowledge and strengthening their physical competencies in striking and fielding activities.