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Year 6 Learning Journey

The children will begin their Year 6 Learning Journey by jumping into their first topic, ‘A World of Adventure’. Setting off in their very own hot-air balloon, the children will become adventurers and explore the world together! Here, they will be considering what it means to be an explorer and researching the work of some famous adventurers such as Jane Goodall, James Cracknell, Bear Grylls, Sylvia Earle or Ryan Carney and considering what they have achieved during their adventures.

Pupils will research the locations explored by these famous adventurers and will consider the key features, such as: geographical location, climate zones, biomes and vegetation. Linking in with their trip to the Natural History Museum in London, they will explore plate movement, earthquakes and volcanoes and the effects these natural phenomena can cause.

In Art, the pupils will be studying the jungle artwork of Henri Rousseau and producing their own vibrant jungle scenes. Their Music studies will be centred around the genre of Samba, during which they will refine their skills in composition, performance and use of musical vocabulary.


In the Spring term, children will be exploring the topic ‘Bring Archaeology Alive,’ where they will go back in time to the Ancient Greek civilisation. The pupils will discover many facts about the chronology of the era, as well as answer questions they have about the location, life style and events of that time. For the Art element of this journey, the children will use clay to sculpt clay coil pots in the style of Ancient Greek pottery, which is an opportunity to develop their skills with a new media and show what they have learnt about the themes in ancient Greek pottery.

Pupils also use the Lego construction kits to make and programme a Cyclops – if they have been successful, the Cyclops will move once plugged into a school computer and can be controlled depending on the instructions the pupils enter. Finally, they will use the ukulele to create sounds which resemble Greek-style music.

Throughout the Learning Journey all pupils will continue to develop their knowledge of Christian celebrations and consider what they believe as individuals and how that can be expressed through their daily lives.


The children will end Year 6 by going on a, ‘Step Back in Time’ journey, where they will become spies for the British army and get dropped into a country somewhere in Europe. It is their first mission to locate where they are and how they will get back to the UK. Throughout the journey, the pupils will learn about significant events that occurred in the lead-up to WW2 as well as during the war years, considering what life was like for the men, women and children who experienced these times.

In Design Technology, pupils will extend their textiles skills by designing and making their own sock puppet, very much in the way that wartime families made toys and other things from items they had around the home. They will also complete a woodwork project where they will create their own air-raid shelter which must conform to strict specifications to ensure the safety of those inside.

Finally, in Art, the children will create their own piece of Blitz artwork. They will do this by using their painting skills to produce a beautifully blended sunset background, before using silhouetted black paper shapes to create a scene of their choice.

During their RE lessons, pupils will learn all about Sikhism; main beliefs, traditions, places of worship and appropriate vocabulary. They will be able to compare what they have learned with what they already know about Christianity and Islam, noticing similarities which occur between religions and also how they are different. We encourage open-minded discussions about the pupils’ own beliefs about the world and instil tolerance and mutual respect in all lessons.