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Year 6 French

Autumn Term

French in Year 6 in the Autumn Term builds upon the vocabulary, structures and knowledge acquired in Year 5. The pupils begin to use more target language in the lesson. They will acquire vocabulary surrounding the topic of weather and will be required to give a weather forecast, in French, using all the vocabulary they have learnt. This enables the pupils to be creative in terms of presentation, as well as demonstrating their level of French. All pupils in Year 6 are taught by a specialist languages teacher.

All pupils in Year 6 will take part in special ‘Language themed’ weeks in which they will learn some key basic vocabulary in a different language from around the world and take a look at the culture behind the language. This will enable them to respect and appreciate the culture of others as well as foster a love of and fascination for learning languages in general.

Spring Term

The Spring Term develops the pupils’ skills in writing whilst enabling them to revisit structures learnt in the Autumn Term. The pupils will acquire new vocabulary on the topic of clothes and will be required to link it back to weather, describing what clothes they wear in certain weather types and why. Again, pupils’ creativity will be encouraged through designing new outfits and their writing assessment will develop their independence and imagination.

Summer Term

French will be delivered through the study of a story called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The pupils will develop their knowledge of French vocabulary and sentence structure.