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Year 5 Science


In Science, pupils will begin the year studying Chemistry and investigate the properties of everyday materials. They start by learning the basic health and safety rules of working in a Science laboratory. Pupils also have the chance to participate in a variety of practical investigations. For example, they will explore which material is the best insulator. In the second half of the term, pupils will study the Physics topic of Forces where they will develop their understanding of forces and motion. Within this topic, pupils have the opportunity to explore how cogs, springs and levers work. The children will also explore why things sink, float and fall. They will use this knowledge to create a sailboat which will be tested. These practical skills are essential and will help the children to develop their experimental skills and scientific attitude. 


In Spring pupils move on to studying Physics, where they will learn about Earth and Space. They will observe the behaviour of the Moon, Sun and Earth, distinguishing between cycles. They study the solar system and re-enact how the planets orbit the sun. They finish off this topic by looking at how the four seasons have come to be all over the world. The second half of the term will see pupils exploring the Chemistry topic of Mixtures and Changes. In this unit, pupils will be able to explain that materials can mix and to demonstrate that mixtures of different materials can be separated by using different techniques. 


The Summer term is dedicated to Biology, with pupils learning about reproduction in plants and animals. Pupils will have had the exciting opportunity to observe the lifecycles of butterflies, frogs or chickens in real life by keeping caterpillars until they transform into beautiful butterflies, hatching eggs or observing frogspawn in our school pond. This module is perfect for the Summer term as pupils get to explore wildlife around the school grounds. This really gives them an opportunity to become independent learners and generate their own questions in which to investigate.