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Year 5 Learning Journey


The children will begin their Learning Journey studies by going ‘Around the World in a Day’ in their first Parkside inspiration day. They will explore the culture, food, geographical features and traditions of countries such as: Greece, Canada, Peru, China and the UK. Here, we develop the pupils’ Geographical skills such as their ability to use an atlas, to compare different locations around the world and to explore a location’s culture.

They then embark on their first full Learning Journey topic, ‘Time Travellers’. The pupils will travel through time and space through their very own time machine display in the classroom! After exploring many times and locations around the Earth, the time machine will drop pupils in Scandinavia, where they will learn about this region in detail and discover the most famous peoples from this region: The Vikings. From here, pupils will construct their own Viking longboat and set off on an exploration of the dates, places and lifestyles of the Viking people.

Towards the end of the first term, the pupils will complete a mini project on Christianity and the beliefs and traditions of Christmas. We encourage open class discussions and debates where we listen to one another’s views and beliefs, always remembering to be tolerant and accepting.


In their second term, Year 5 pupils will take a journey to Ancient Greece in their Spring Learning Journey topic, ‘Bringing Archaeology Alive.’ They will become archaeologists and have the chance to dig up historical sources and consider what can be learnt about this ancient civilisation. After learning about the difference in lifestyle of the Spartans and Greeks, pupils will debate which city they would prefer to live in. For the Art element of this journey, the children will create papiêr-maché pots in the style of Ancient Greek pottery, which asks them to work together as a team to combine practical skills of constructing and joining with demonstrating what they have observed about Greek pottery in their own designs.

Pupils also use the Lego construction kits to make and programme a Cyclops – if they have been successful, the Cyclops will move once plugged into a school computer and can be controlled depending on the instructions the pupils enter.

During the latter part of the term, they will be involved in an eco-farm project and will be developing their knowledge of food growth and preparation.  In RE, they continue to study Christianity and explore the celebration of Easter. Pupils will learn about the religious story behind this festival and how it is celebrated by Christians today. Religious Education helps pupils to understand the world around them, explore their own experience and identity, and compare this to others. This also encourages mutual respect, tolerance and individuality.

Finally, pupils will be involved in a Spring term production which is based on the ancient Greek topic they have been studying. This will be performed for the rest of the school and for parents. This will enable our Music and RE curriculum to be covered in a fun, engaging way that the pupils love! Combining acting, singing and dance, parents are invited to join with us in the final few days of term.


In the summer term, pupils continue their Learning Journey into the topic ‘Come over to Mayan Place,’ where they go back in time to the Ancient Mayan civilisation. They discover many facts about the chronology of the era and discover how the Mayans lived, their scientific discoveries, their beliefs about life and death and their traditions. The children also answer questions they have about the location, life style and events of that time.

Pupils enrich their Geographical skills and knowledge as they explore South America and some of the most famous Ancient Mayan sites. As they discover how the Mayans used hieroglyphics during Art, they will have the chance to carve their own clay tile in the style of the Mayans.

In RE, we expand our study of religions to learn about Islam. As well as learning about Muslims’ key beliefs, places of worship and traditions, this is an excellent opportunity to compare two religions and consider what the similarities and differences are when studied alongside Christianity, which the children covered earlier in the year. Religious Education helps pupils to understand the world around them, explore their own experience and identity, and compare this to others. This also encourages mutual respect, tolerance and individuality.

Learning Journey Geography Project

Three fine examples of the homework of Year 5 have created during the Autumn term for the Geography project as part of their Learning Journey studies. The ‘World Map’ is by Liam Godoy-Pastran, the 'France Booklet' is by Alfie Simpson and 'Canada' is by Madelyn Williams.
World MapBookletCanada

Learning Journey History Project

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Learning Journey Project work created during this School Year

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Greek Pots created in Year 5 Learning Journey

Year 5 Learning Journey Design & Technology Homework