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Year 5 French

Autumn Term

French in KS2 is taught as a discrete subject for one hour a week. In the Autumn Term in Year 5, pupils begin by learning basic greetings and vocabulary to enable them to introduce themselves, such as their name, age, how they are, what they look like etc. A large emphasis is placed on speaking and the use of games and interactive activities to help them acquire both the skills and vocabulary to meet their milestones. The pupils are taught by both class teachers and specialist language teachers and this year more of the target language is being used in the lesson in line with department guidelines.  

Spring Term

This term in French, pupils develop their resilience when facing texts in the target language. They are required to use their language skills of decoding and contextual awareness in order to begin to read longer texts and answer questions about them. Pupils will then use these texts as a model for their writing. Pupils will develop their knowledge and application of plural and adjective agreements through describing items in their pencil cases in detail.

All pupils will take part in special ‘Language themed’ weeks in which they will learn some key basic vocabulary in a different language from around the world and take a look at the culture behind the language. This will enable them to respect and appreciate the culture of others as well as foster a love of and fascination for learning languages in general.

Summer Term

In the Summer Term, Year 5 pupils will look at the topic of sports and hobbies. They will develop their knowledge of grammatical structures and begin to create longer pieces of writing, drawing also on their English grammar skills. They will examine texts in the target language and be encouraged to develop their resilience and independence when faced with unfamiliar language. This term's work prepares them for the skills, knowledge and attributes they will need into the next academic year.

The pupils will also have the opportunity to learn basic words and phrases from another language from around the world and explore the culture, fostering a love of languages and promoting tolerance.