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Year 5 English


During the Autumn Term the pupils begin with a transition unit with a focus on Roald Dahl texts. Within this unit they will read and explore extracts of his famous texts: 'Esio Trot', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'George’s Marvellous Medicine'. The pupils will then explore the different story openers and character descriptions. In addition to this the pupils will develop their own story writing and embed their skills for using punctuation, grammar and spelling strategies. ‘How to Train your Dragon’, is the proceeding unit they will study in the Autumn Term, which is a text that links with the Learning Journey topics. The pupils will explore the proverbs and specific genre of writing, again continuing to develop and extend their spelling, grammar and punctuation knowledge.


During the Spring Term, the pupils will read a variety of Ancient Greek myths. We will be examining the creatures featured in these myths as well as inventing our own beasts! We will be focusing on developing our figurative language techniques to enhance our descriptions.

All pupils will have Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons to embed the principles of the skills which they will then be expected to apply during the writing focused lessons.


Writing techniques will be further developed in the Summer term through our topic on ‘Superheroes’. We will be writing exciting, action-packed narratives with accurate punctuation.

Our final topic is called: ‘Journeys’, where we will be looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and pulling together all our skills from this year to create different types of writing.

Throughout this module, pupils will continue to add to their knowledge of linguistic terms, including those to describe grammar, in order to allow them to discuss their writing and reading.

The whole curriculum is under-pinned with the ethos that all teachers are teachers of literacy, and that literacy is central to success within every subject. As a result, pupils continue to develop their love of reading and they are supported by staff to ensure that they read a wide breadth of literature, for a mixture of both reading for information and reading for pleasure. In addition to this, we aim to develop confident and adept writers, who are able to write at greater depth for a range of audiences and purpose. Pupils at Parkside have great pride in their writing ability, which is promoted in every lesson.