Clubs Bookings and Parents Evenings Bookings will both be open from 6pm on Tuesday 19th October.

You can find all of the information for our Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 Virtual Presentations on the respective Year 5Year 6 and Year 7 Events pages.

Prospective parents can find useful guidance and details about the New Intake in 2022 for Parkside Middle School on our dedicated webpage.

Covid 19 Self-Testing at Home for Key Stage 3 pupils.

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Parents’ Booking System

The Parents Booking System will open from 6pm on Tuesday 19th October.

Virtual Parents’ Consultation Evenings

Please book appointments through our online system and follow the link Parents’ Booking System.

The appointments are for five minutes only at which point they will automatically end. Parents and carers are able to make a maximum of six appointments and a maximum of two five-minute slots should be made for each teacher.

On the day of your appointments please log back into the Parents’ Booking System and click ‘Join video appointments’ on the home page.

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