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Covid 19 Self-Testing at Home for Key Stage 3 pupils.

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Primary Maths Challenge 2021

90 pupils in year 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge on Monday 15th November.
Well done to everyone who took part!

Bronze certificates: Sebby in year 5 and Jessica, Reuben, Ava, Oliver, Evan and Charlie in year 6.
Silver Certificates: Amelia, Euan, Holly, Isaac, Isla, Charlie and Oliver in year 6.
Gold certificates: Seth in year 5 and Mia in year 6.

A couple of questions for you to try at home!
1)Jonathan the Tortoise eats 20g of salad leave a day. The leaves are sold in 80g bags which cost 90p.
How much would it cost to feed Jonathan for 4 weeks?

A: £.4.20 B: £4.80 C: £5.30 D: £5.70 E: £6.30

2)More than 60% but less than 65% of the spiders in my cupboard have hairy legs. What is the smallest number of spiders that could be in my cupboard?