Covid 19 Self-Testing at Home for Key Stage 3 pupils.

Extra-curricular Activities will be available to book via our dedicated webpage from 9am on 16th September.

You can find all of the documentation from the Year 8 Information Evening, including the slides from the presentation on our Year 8 Events page.

Access to our Remote Education page is available through this link.

logo 2015bLatest STEM Competition

NSLC have launched a competition which we can enter. ​

This year, they're challenging young people to design a piece of wearable technology for use in an Olympic event!​

People taking part in, or supporting, sport and exercise can face a range of physical, psychological and social limitations. We're asking young people to consider how technology can help us overcome these barriers, by designing a piece of wearable technology that could be used in an Olympic event. The invention should be feasible – ie it should realistically be something that could be made and would work using current or developing technology, engineering and science.​

Entries should include a drawing/diagram of the invention, along with a written explanation of what the invention is, how it works, in what event it will be used, who might use it (it doesn’t necessarily have to be an athlete!) and how it will enhance performance (max 500 words).​

If you would like me to submit your entry, please bring it to Mrs Pap by Wednesday 9th June.​

Prizes from to be announced soon.