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Parkside Inspiration Day
27th January 2020

“The difference that we want to make starts with us”.

The aim for the day was to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Discussion was based around the holocaust, why it happened and how we should remember it, as well as a focus on recent hate crimes and how they link to today’s society. The main outcome for the day is to create our own memorial illustrating that we are a caring and inclusive school and that each and every one of us can make a difference.

Pupils were sensitive and considerate, provoking insightful discussion around prejudice and discrimination.

“The day made me realise just what people went through and how important it is to remember so we can make sure nothing like that happens again” Sophie Year 6

“It was an enjoyable, but emotional day that taught me lots of things that I didn’t know such as the conditions of the concentration camps and how there are still hate crimes today” Alfie Year 6

Learning about such a tragic event was powerful, but fascinating and shocking at the same time. We must never forget what happened and use it to influence our future behaviour” Kelsie Year 7

“Learning about such an important and devastating time in history will help prevent future atrocities and teach future generations how to not discriminate” Honey Year 7

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