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Year 8 Events

Summer Term 2018
Art Cohesion Project
Ten Parkside Pupils and ten Bromsgrove School pupils were chosen to take part in a joint Art Project. The Head of Art at Parkside; Mrs Cheuk and Ms Barron from Bromsgrove School, arranged a collaborative activity, building a strong Arts link between the two schools.

The theme was; ‘The Ocean’ and pupils worked with clay to create individual tiles to the later be assembled into one large piece. Following several visits and making sessions to Parkside and Bromsgrove School, we completed our project and presented our work at Bromsgrove school on the 15th June.

The final beautiful Art work will now be on display from July until August in Bromsgrove Library.

A huge thank you to the Year 8 pupils involved and to the parents for their continued support.

We hope you have the opportunity to visit the local library to appreciate the pupils fantastic Art work, however, if you cannot visit the library, you can view the students from both Schools proudly displaying their work below.

Art Cohesion project 2Art Cohesion project 1art Cohesion project 3

Year 8 Pupils chosen to perform at Dance Festival
On 14th February four Year 8 Girls performed at the North Worcestershire School Dance Festival held at Bromsgrove School. They have now been chosen to perform at the Worcestershire Schools Games Competition in July.

We wish the girls every success in the forthcoming competition.

Pictures of Mia, Amelia, Niamh and Eden at the North Worcestershire School Dance Festival.

Dance 1Dance 2Dance 3

 UKMT Maths challenge
On Thursday 26th April a group of year 7 and year 8 mathematicians took part in the Junior UKMT challenge. The competition is aimed at pupils in year 8 or below, and is the UK’s most popular mathematical competition with over 300,000 students taking part.

Overall we achieved 22 bronze certificates, 17 silver and 3 golds which is a fantastic achievement but a special mention must go to Callum Stone and Sam Taylor who have both qualified for the next round on 12th June.

 Spring Term 2018
Ski Trip to Pila - February 2018


Year 8 Trip to Worcestershire Skills Show
70 pupils in Year 8 attended the Worcestershire Skills Show at Chateau Impney on Wednesday, 7th March. Here, they were able to interact with a wide variety of sectors and local employers, to investigate potential employment options and gain a better understanding of subjects and qualifications needed to enter future professions. Pupils commented on how useful the trip was, stating that they had been able to learn about jobs and careers that they didn't know existed, or hadn't before considered. Year 8 pupils also participated in a range of Form time and class activities and debates, to explore their ideas and opinions related to work and careers.

 Theatre in Education group Round Midnight visit Year 8 pupils
On Thursday, 11th January 2018, we welcomed the Theatre in Education group Round Midnight into school to perform an interactive play called 'Cutting Ties' to our Year 8 pupils. The aim of the play was to educate about the facts, risks and the reasons as to why young people carry knives. The performance and workshop invited pupils to sit in on a conversation with Mia and her teacher after she is found in school with a knife. Mia explained the story from the beginning, telling how a solid friendship between herself, Aidan and Luke quickly turned sour as they embarked upon adolescence and Aidan fell in with the wrong crowd. The actors encouraged our pupils to focus on the vulnerabilities, relationships and consequences of the characters’ actions, which all led up to the climactic moment where a knife is brought in to school.

Our Year 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic format of the performance, which allowed them to engage with the relevant and serious topic that it covered. They were informed about why this issue is relevant to them, and were able to identify who they could go to if they needed help with issues relating to knives in the future. They were shocked to learn some statistics relevant to the West Midlands, and were encouraged to think carefully about the social choices that they make, with specific reference to the use of social media and peer pressure. We look forward to welcoming Round Midnight back in the near future!

 Autumn Term 2017
Malvern Festival of Innovation
Some of our Year 8 pupils went to the Malvern Festival of Innovation in October. This was a day showcasing science, technology and entrepreneurship from around the region. The pupils were able to take part in two workshops there. One was run by the Catshill Partnership which enabled them to build and programme a model car. The other was run by Raspberry Pi, which enabled the pupils to use computer programming. The pupils also had the chance to talk to various exhibitors from scientific and technical organisations, and have a go at a variety of demonstrations. They also watched a show on the exploration of space in a show-dome. The pupils had a fantastic day, and enjoyed all the different learning experiences. 

Visit to Birmingham Central Mosque
As part of the Religious Education curriculum Year 8 visited Birmingham Central Mosque. Pupils were given a tour of the mosque and were taught about the Islamic religion. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed and was extremely beneficial to our pupils.

The trip allowed pupils to explore their own and others' beliefs and values. They asked thoughtful questions and this allowed them to reflect on this experience.

“I enjoyed the trip and I like the fact that the Mosque provides for homeless people in the Birmingham area.”
Mosque Trip 2017

Year 8 Mexican Art
Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. This fun and colourful Art style celebrates handmade folk art in a myriad of skeleton designs. Our Year 8 have researched, studied and created their own choice of Mexican inspired designs and Mexican Artworks. They were given a choice of materials and tools work with.

IMG 1661 IMG 1658 IMG 1659 IMG 1662

Thursday 19th October: Year 8 Information Evening
Thank you to all the parents who attended the Information Evening. For those parents who could not attend the documentation provided at the meeting can be downloaded from the links below.
Year 8 Information Evening    Parkside Curriculum Presentation 2017-18

New Surrealism display by Year 8.
IMG 1665  Surreal Hands

Summer Term 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017 - Enterprise challenge with Key Stage 3

As part of their inspiration curriculum, Key Stage Three took part in the One Pound Challenge from 4th-6th July 2017. Classes were set the challenge to take a single £1 investment from Mrs Terrey and use this to create a product for a market that would be held in school for our Key Stage Two pupils.

Pupils had two days to design their product, considering their strategy and the risks involved, create their product and then promote it, using a range of marketing and pitching activities. The event culminated in a market that was held in school. There were a wide range of innovative ideas on offer – from inventive ideas such as home-made stress balls, “Adopt a Pet Rock”, spa experiences and tarot readings , to more traditional stalls such as soak the pupil and guess the sweets.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience; it provided them with an opportunity to realise their entrepreneurial talents and put their literacy and numeracy skills to practical use. The winning class will receive a reward during the last week of term, with the total profit for the event reaching £289.95. Well done Key Stage Three!


 Year 8 - Mixed Media Studies

Oceanic art 8ST IMG 0285 IMG 0288
Mixed Media 1 Mixed Media 2 Mixed Media 3A