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Year 7 Homework Learning Support

Year 7 Homework Guidance and Timetable - Each pupil has an individual login. To access the site, each pupil must first use the school login: parkside2 and square169 they will then be prompted to enter their own individual set of login details.

Maths Calculation Methods - Guidance on recommended calculation methods. - BBC KS3 Bitesize (for all subjects).

Year 7 RE Homework Tasks - Support and recommended websites for RE Homework.

Teach ICT - KS3 Computer Science resources. 

BBC Bitesize - KS3 Computer Science resources.

In KS3 Science homework is set in the style of GCSE questions in preparation for High school. Collins KS3 revision guides and KS3/GCSE Bitesize Science guides and websites are all useful tools in order to support your child with these tasks.

Year 7 Homework club is available every Wednesday until 4:15pm in the Year 7 corridor. This is a non-compulsory club which children can attend when they feel necessary; they are able to then access school resources and teacher support. 

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