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Year 5 Events

Autumn Term 2020

Outstanding KS2 Humanities Homework

As part of the recovery curriculum in Humanities, the KS2 pupils were asked to choose a project focus from either: 

History - The history of a digital device e.g. telephone, radio, computing, gaming equipment. 

Geography - Create a Tropical Rainforest Biome.

RE - Research two different creation Stories, compare and give their views. 

In all cases, the pupils were allowed to choose how to present their work.  The finished results are amazing!  Pupils brought in creative rainforest biomes, made David Attenborough style video recordings, planned and presented PowerPoints on the history of different digital devices, interviewed relatives to get their opinion on different creation stories and much more. 

Well done to all the pupils in KS2 for their fantastic homework and many thanks to all the parents that supported with these projects. 



Year 5 and 6 – TTRS Battle of the Bands November 2020

Well done to all the pupils that have taken part in the first ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rock Stars of the 2020-21 academic year. An overwhelming response from the pupils with 247 pupils from KS2 taking part in the battles!

The winning bands were Maths Potato, One Division, Rocktagons, Red Hot Chilli Numbers and Black Add Peas. With year 5 beating year 6.
See below for the full results and highest earners in each band (Rock Star avatar names!)

The next battles commence in the Spring Term.
battle of the Bands 201120


Well done Year 5 for showing such creativity on Roald Dahl Day! We loved seeing your potato characters and doing all the different activities through the day. An excellent start to our new topic! 
Potatoes website

Spring Term 2020
The Heartstone Odyssey Project
9th January 2020
KS2 watched this performance

 It was set to be an afternoon of magical dance and storytelling as Sitakumari, principal dancer for Heartstone, together with a supporting cast of Year 8 dancers drawn from Parkside Middle School present an excerpt from ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’ to mark the launch of the first Heartstone Story Circle in Worcester.

‘The Heartstone Odyssey’, the fantasy book which forms the foundation of this project, captures hearts and minds providing the inspiration for the Story Circle programme, a UK-wide and international programme to fight prejudice and intolerance, empower girls and young women and bring people together.

Sitakumari, Director of Heartstone and principal dancer/storyteller, said:
"The Heartstone Odyssey is a gripping epic adventure, about winning against the odds, but also a moral tale for our time. The books have been written to entertain, a story for children, that adults too, can enjoy and, as with all great timeless stories, will leave you seeing the world in a different way forever, to see past stereotypes and prejudice, to see a common humanity.”


Year 5 Trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Year 5 had the pleasure of visiting the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery this half term. After starting our new Learning Journey topic on the Ancient Greeks, it was a real treat to join in with some workshops and activities all about this fascinating civilisation. We started by exploring the museum and having the chance to see a model of the Acropolis of Athens (where it is said that Poseidon and Athena once had a fearsome battle for Athens) and also see some real Greek pottery.

During the workshops, we learned all about how the ancient Greek people believed they could please the gods by giving offerings or visiting the theatre. We joined in with a whole-class drama and then participated in some Greek Art, too! After learning about the red-figure technique and the black-figure technique used on Greek pottery, we designed our own silhouette pictures and scratched patterns, just like the ancient Greeks would have done to carve detail into their pots.

Please have a look at some of our photos from the day.


Autumn Term 2019
Year 4 and 5 - Music Transition Morning

On Friday 29th November, Parkside were pleased to host three local first school's Year 4 pupils to take part in our annual Music Morning Event.  Each school had prepared a lovely piece to sing  and Parkside pupils confidently showcased their musical talents and what they have been getting up to in Music lessons.  The morning ended with all the schools learning a song and singing together. 
It was a fantastic opportunity for our prospective pupils to get a taste of Music at Parkside and see our beautiful building, many for the first time, we look forward to the Year 4's returning later in the year for more exciting transition events.
Year 5 and 6 - Battle of the Bands - November 

Well done to all the pupils that have taken part in the first ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rock Stars for this academic year.  An overwhelming response from the pupils and some very competitive teachers/band managers! 

The winning bands were Sausage and Math, One Division, Rocktagons, Number Souls and Maroon 5 Squared.  With year 6 beating year 5.

See below for the full results and highest earners in each band (Rock Star avatar names!)

The next battles will commence in the Spring Term 2020.
Battle of the Bands 112019

Year 5 Maths and Literacy morning
Thank you to all the parents/carers and other family members that attended the Year 5 Maths/Literacy morning. The resources are below for those that attended and those that could not due to other commitments.

Year 5 Maths morning     Year 5 Literacy morning    

 Year 5 Maths morning expectations       English Glossary 

Roald Dahl Day
On Friday the 13th of September, Year 5 celebrated Roald Dahl day with an array of costumes and activities in school. Thank you so much to parents and carers for their help with these incredible costumes and well done to Year 5 who created some fantastic work to kick-start their new Roald Dahl English topic.


Summer Term 2019
Monday 9th July - Year 5 Induction Evening

Thank you to all the Parents who attended the Year 5 Induction Evening. 

Full details of this event can be found in the following documents.
Year 5 Information Evening      Transition day letter to Year 5 Parents       Accelerated Reader - a Parent's Guide  

Year 5 Trip to Blackwell

On Friday 24th May, 140 Year 5 pupils visited Blackwell Court for a full day of activity. The sun was shining and the pupils gave 100% effort to complete the physical and mentally challenging activities throughout the day.  From jumping off zip wires, archery, climbing and the giant 3G, swing the pupils showed great individual effort, teamwork and empathy for each other to help all of their group members achieve their goals throughout the day.


Year 5 really made the most of the day and were a pleasure to be with, earning praise from Blackwell staff for their behaviour and conduct throughout the day. A brilliant day all round. Well done everyone!

Spring Term 2019 
Year 5 and 6 - Battle of the Bands - April

Well done to all the pupils that have taken part in the second ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rock Stars.  Well done to all the pupils who have battled! 

The winning bands were: Sausage and Math, Wild Adding Guppies, Maroon 5 Squared, Red Hot Chilli Numbers and Ninja Nuttalls.  With Year 5 beating Year 6 again!

See below for the full results and highest earners in each band (Rock Star Avatar names!)

Next battles to commence in the Summer term.  Watch this space!
Battle of the Bands April

Keep practising and visit the ‘Studio’ as well as the ‘Garage’ – remember we are still battling against local schools and need to lower the Parkside School average.  Good luck everyone!

 Watch Out Sharks About!

On Friday 1st March, KS2 welcomed White Socks Theatre Company into school for a Theatre in Education performance.  Their show, ‘Watch Out Sharks About!’ explored the dangers of illegal money lending, in the format of a game show. Pupils were active participants during the performance and were challenged to use their numeracy skills whilst exploring this topic. The performance raised awareness of the importance of financial management and how to live within a budget. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance and commented on how they learned more about managing money in the future.Loan Sharks

Year 5 and 6 - Battle of the Bands
Well done to all the pupils that have taken part in the first ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rock Stars.  An overwhelming response from the pupils with 250 of them making the leadership board and a few competitive teachers! 

The winning bands were Sausage and Math, One Division, Rocktagons, Number Souls and Ninja Nuttalls.  With Year 5 beating Year 6.
See below for the full results and highest earners in each band (Rock Star avatar names!)
The next battles commence on 20th March.

Battle of the Bands

 Year 5 Production - 12th and 13th February
This term Year 5 have been studying The Ancient Greeks in Learning Journey and recently put on a fantastic performance of 'Heroes of Troy' for parents, it was a real success.  We are incredibly proud of all the hard work the children have put into this production and hope you all enjoyed it!IMG 6463aIMG 6507a

 Year 5 Learning Journey
To launch the current learning journey project, the Year 5 pupils travelled back in time to Ancient Greece. The classrooms were transformed into archaeological dig sites.  They were given tools and were set the task of sifting through sand to uncover replica artifacts. Once discovered, they then had to research, using given facts, what the item was and how it was used. 

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the task and are enthusiastic to continue studying "Bringing Archaeology Alive" within the learning journey this term.