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Year 5 Events

Autumn Term 2018
Trip to British Museum
On Thursday 15th November, Year 5 embarked on a journey to London to explore the British Museum. After arriving at school bright and early, they boarded the coach and made their way there. Once inside, they were surrounded by fascinating artefacts and things to see. They explored Ancient Egypt and saw real mummies as well as the beautiful artwork and carvings of the Ancient Egyptians. They also learned a lot about the Vikings by studying many objects which have been found from that time such as weapons, armour and jewelry. The Ancient Greek pots were another wonder to see in real life, and the children were able to understand which types of pots had which uses and how artwork added so carefully. Now back at school, the children have a strong basis of knowledge with which to continue their Learning Journey studies. All children demonstrated impeccable behaviour and were a real credit to the school. Well done on a fabulous trip, Year 5!

BM for Year 5 page 

Learning Journey Geography Project
Three fine examples of the homework of Year 5 have created this term for the Geography project as part of their Learning Journey studies. The ‘World Map’ is by Liam Godoy-Pastran, the 'France Booklet' is by Alfie Simpson and 'Canada' is by Madelyn Williams.

World MapBookletCanada

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon


On the afternoon of the 28th September we hosted a Year 5 coffee afternoon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Pupils brought in cakes from home and then parents, carers and relatives were invited in to enjoy the lovely treats. It was a huge success and we raised over £450! Thank you so much to everybody involved.

Below: Year 5 baking cookies in the food room for the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.Macmillan

Year 5 Maths and Literacy morning  

Thank you to all the parents/carers and other family members that attended the Year 5 Maths/Literacy morning.  The morning hopefully allowed you to experience the year 5 learning environments, as well as understand the expectations of year 5 Maths and English.  All resources are available here, for those unable to attend due to other commitments.

Year 5 maths morning     Year 5 Maths Morning RC expectations and help     Year 5 Parents Presentation

English Glossary     Guided Reading Questions     Multiple Bingo

Roald Dahl Day
On Friday the 14th of September, Year 5 celebrated Roald Dahl day with an array of costumes and activities in school. Thank you so much to parents and carers for their help with these incredible costumes and well done to Year 5 who created some fantastic work to kick-start their new Roald Dahl English topic.


 Summer Term 2018
Monday 9th July - Year 5 Induction Evening

Thank you to all the Parents who attended the Year 5 Induction Evening.
Full details of this event can be found in our Year 5 Information Evening document.

Year 5 Trip to Blackwell

120 Year 5 pupils braved the rain and descended upon Blackwell Court for a day of outdoor education. Not put off by the weather all the pupils took part in 4 mentally and physically challenging activities during the day. These activities included archery, zip wire, climbing, fan descender, 3G swing & create stack.

Thankfully after lunch the weather improved (slightly) and we enjoyed a dry afternoon. The pupils gave 100% throughout the day and their conduct was impeccable. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. Well done Year 5!


Year 5 Inspiration Day

On Tuesday 15th May, all Year 5 pupils took part in an inspiration day to launch their new Learning Journey topic titled ‘Come Over to Mayan Place’.

An outside Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) company came in to deliver a hands-on workshop which required extreme teamwork and listening skills to create a giant Mayan temple.

Children started by making a small triangle with only three sticks and three elastic bands. They then got into groups of 4, joining all of their triangles together. Following this, they made bi-pods and tri-pods, in varying sizes.  In addition, pupils made a square from 4 long sticks, using triangulation to strengthen the corners. Finally, the groups fastened their structures together, until they had made a huge Mayan Temple (measuring 6m squared and standing 4m high) whicheven included steps to the top. 

The pupils are truly inspired, as they begin their Mayan Learning Journey. 


Spring Term 2018 

Practical Maths Stay and Play

On Friday 23rd March class 5JP opened their doors to parents, for a Practical Maths Stay and Play. The pupils spent many lessons planning and preparing for the event, organising mathematical activities to showcase to their parents. It was an amazing event; pupils and parents enjoyed themselves thoroughly!


Year 5 Shakespeare Week

On the 15th of March, Year 5 celebrated Shakespeare Week with a range of Shakespeare themed lessons to help introduce them to the world-famous writer. The children produced some excellent work and enjoyed their day. Well done Year 5!

Year 5 Shakespeare Week

Year 5 Trip to the Black Country Living Museum

On Friday 9th March, Year 5 took a journey into the past to experience what life would have been like during the Industrial Revolution. At the Black Country Living Museum, we were greeted by Roger, who told us all about what life was like during these times and helped us explore. It was really interesting to see people dressed as they would have done in the 1800s, see real Victorian types of transport and be able to visit real houses and shops from history.

During the day, we boarded a long canal boat which took us on a tour of the limestone mines. It was fascinating to see how people travelled and how goods were transported before the invention of other types of transport. Some of us were able to have a try at, ‘legging,’ where we lay on the sides of the boat and used our feet on the walls of the tunnel to push the boat along. It was hard work! We also had the chance to walk down the cobbled streets, step inside the houses and meet people who used to live there. They taught us a lot about what life was like and it definitely made us appreciate what we have today! Some of the shops were very interesting; we visited the hardware store where we learnt how to wash and iron clothes in olden times, the chemists to see what treatments people had when they fell ill and of course the tempting cake and sweet shops. Finally we were shown some of the games children used to play during Victorian times and had a go at playing with a hoop and stick, hobby horse and skipping rope. It was really valuable to experience these activities for ourselves and we found them a lot of fun.

Our visit to the Black Country Living Museum was wonderful and really brought to life the history we have been studying during our Learning Journey lessons.


Visit to Diglis Miniature Railway

IMG 9622b

On Tuesday 30th January, we took a group of 11 Year 5 pupils to Diglis Miniature Railway in Worcester as part of our current Industrial Revolution project focusing on trains. While we were there, pupils were given a talk about train technology and shown parts of a steam engine. They were then given the opportunity to ride on the five different miniature trains that they had available, some electric and some steam. After a bit of practice and a tutorial given by the engineers, pupils were then allowed to drive the trains themselves, controlling the speed and blowing the whistles. We are planning on using this experience to help us to prepare a pitch for  staff at the Black Country Museum when we visit on 9th March where will be trying to convince them to build a miniature railway within their grounds. All of the pupils and staff had a fantastic and memorable experience and the pupils’ behaviour was exceptional throughout. A special thank you to Worcester and District Model Engineers!

 KS2 66 Times tables Competition: Record time broken!

Well done to all those pupils that have improved their times table scores and times again, since October. 82 pupils managed to answer all 66 questions correctly, with another 39 pupils only losing 1 or 2 marks. Last year’s record of 1 minute 3 second was broken by Ben in year 5 with an amazing 1minute! (That is more than a question a second – amazing!)

Remember this basic skill is extremely important across the curriculum. In lessons, most groups are currently working on multiplication and division or starting fractions – times tables and division facts are everywhere in these topics. Keep practising for the next competition.  (See links in Maths Homework Support to ‘Hit the Button’)