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 Careers and STEM

At Parkside, we strive to equip our pupils with the attitudes, values, skills and knowledge that they need in order to be successful in their futures. As part of this aim, we concentrate on raising aspirations and providing pupils with a stable and structured careers programme. By using the Gatsby benchmarks, we are committed to ensuring that our pupils have clear goals for their educational progress. We aim to ensure that pupils are well informed and equipped to make decisions regarding their future, by the time they leave for High School education.

Throughout Key Stage Three, pupils are provided with clear information about career paths and the labour market to inform their own decisions. Links to potential careers are woven explicitly throughout the curriculum: real life contexts and the links between subjects and careers are made explicit across the school. In addition to this, pupils are provided with a wealth of opportunities to learn how the different STEM subjects help people gain entry to and be successful in a wide range of careers. We have excellent relationships with local businesses and universities, and ensure that all pupils participate in meaningful encounters with employers during their time at the school; enrichment activities include visiting speakers, an annual trip for Year 8 to the Skills and Careers show, visits and trips to places of work and universities, local business competitions and participation in enterprise schemes. Pupils are given clear, independent guidance about apprenticeships as part of their transition to High School.

For further information, please contact Mrs Terrey through the school office.